about us

We design and manufacture award-winning trade show exhibition stands and temporary event infrastructure. Custom exhibition stands, modular system exhibition stands, container conversions and pavilions are our areas of specialty.  We have an extensive inhouse CAD and Graphic Design studio that will visualise your project. Our inhouse production facilities will bring these designs to life. Our team is handpicked to ensure that your project is delivered seamlessly from brief right through to the completed exhibit and beyond.

bespoke exhibition stands

be·spoke Adj: (of goods) Made to order: e.g.: “a bespoke suit”

The creation of built-to-order exhibition stands and trade show displays from inception to completion. All aspects are tailored to fit the clients exact marketing campaigns and requirements. It is possible to create a bespoke exhibit using modular systems, but generally exhibition stands are constructed using timber and a variety of complimentary finishes.

modular exhibition stands

mod·u·lar Adj: Employing or involving a module or modules in design or construction

One of our areas of specialty is the use of Octanorm Maxima Aluminium extrusions and accessories to create modular exhibits and structures. We tailor Octanorm exhibits to suit any exhibition space and for any industry. Modular exhibition stands are cost effective, easier to transport and re-usable many times over.

container conversions

con·tain·er  Noun: a very large metal box used for transporting goods

Shipping containers are highly versatile and convert superbly into both short and long term exhibits, pavilions, road shows and installations. Their sheer bulk ensures a highly impactful platform to create…just about anything.


pavillion_homepagepavilion/ puh-vil-yuh n / NOUN: a light, usually open building used for shelter, concerts, exhibits, etc.

Pavilions create large indoor or outdoor zones that can be used for launches, exhibits, interactive displays and so on. We have created pavilions that range in size from 36m² up to 700m² .

event venue branding

events_homepagee·vent iˈvent / NOUN: A planned public or social occasion.

Our skill set is perfectly suited to the creation of temporary architecture used for events as well as the planning, creation and installation of event branding and wayfinding.

shell scheme fabric solutions

fabric solutions_homepageclad·ding/ klăd′ĭng / NOUN: A covering layer fixed to the outside of a building or structure.

We have created methods to attach printed fabric directly to shell scheme through a simple system of clips and rods. Very easy to produce, extremely easy to attach and re-usable.