Exhibition stand prices in South Africa

Exhibition stand prices in South Africa

As this topic has been at the fore lately i thought i could shed some light on what it costs to produce an exhibition stand in South Africa. These prices are ballpark only and intended as a reference. These costs exclude floorspace and other peripheral costs ie: they are for the stand only complete with structure, lighting, graphics, flooring and details. They also exclude any out of town travel logistics costs

1. Custom design and build

A timber custom design stand with intensive graphics, rollpainted general finishes, duco sprayed detail finishes will cost anything between R 4500 and R 6500 per meter squared.  Potentially a stand can cost upward of those figures depending on special requirements.

2. System Design stand

Using modular systems and incorporating flooring, lighting, intensive graphics and potentially some custom details such as reception will cost between R 2000 and R 4500 per meter squared.

3. Pre-designed system stands

These would include shellscheme upgrades, kit stands which would include carpeting, lighting and graphics. Costs between R 1200 and R 2500 per meter squared.

These prices are generally on a hire basis and all elements contained therein are on hire. The costs would include, concept, design, production, installation, dismantling and removal from site.

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