what we do

Trade Show Exhibition Stands designed and built by HOTT3D provide the client with a professional, well thought out platform to market their businesses to prospective clients.

We offer our clients a variety of professional temporary architecture options that suit all budget types, show types and industries.

bespoke exhibition stands

Full custom design stands. Usually constructed using timber and a wide range of finishes. These are generally one-off builds. However, it is also possible to create a modular bespoke stand that can be re-used.

modular exhibition stands

Our primary modular system is Octanorm Maxima. We carry a large stockpile of aluminum extrusions that we can re-configure to suit all exhibition stand sizes. Octanorm is an ideal system for clients who have a large amount of shows annually and/ or who require a variety of configurations to be achieved. Our Modular stands can be purchased or hired.

container conversions

Shipping containers are highly versatile and convert superbly into both short and long term exhibits, pavilions, road shows and installations. Their sheer bulk ensures a highly impactful platform to create…just about anything.


Pavilions create large indoor or outdoor zones that can be used for launches, exhibits, interactive displays and so on. We have created pavilions that range in size from 36m² up to 700m² .

event venue branding

Our skill set is perfectly suited to the creation of temporary architecture used for events as well as the planning, creation and installation of event branding and wayfinding.

shellscheme fabric solutions

Through the use of a simple clip system we are able to attach high resolution stretched fabric prints to any shellscheme. This system is re-usable, very cost effective and almost completely hides the plain walls and structure of shellscheme booths.

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