Future Cape Town – WDC2014 Voting Booth Installation

In an ongoing collaboration with Future Cape Town and their efforts to improve all of our experiences with regards interacting with the Urban space that surrounds us, the design team at HOTT3D has created a new concept for the voting station that has been so successfully employed over the last 2 years.

The Voting Booth Installation unit is modular, easily transportable, quick to set up and can be configured for a variety of uses and questions asked can be changed. It is made using simple textured finishes that are hard wearing.

Members of the public passing by are invited to vote on a series of visuals that are answers to questions asked. eg: What should be done with Cape Towns unfinished freeways. The answers range from demolish them to the creation of elevated public parks.

With specific focus on Cape Town as the World Design Capital for 2014, Future Cape Town intends a series of interactions with the public in the lead to and during 2014.

Look out for this unit all over Cape Town in the near future


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    […] I asked Rashiq Fataarof Future Cape Town about the future plans for Your City Idea or similar initiatives: “It is our belief at Future Cape Town that new and exciting models for engagement with the public are not only possible, but worthwhile. Encouraging public participation needs to extend beyond meeting formal legal requirements, and should include creative thinking and innovation, fitting of our designation as World Design Capital 2014. We hope to do the installation again in the near future at our parklet on Regent Road (read more). We are also working on a similar concept which uses modular boxes that can be more easily assembled and which incorporate iPads or touch screens (read more).” […]

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