The use of PVC for Graphics Displays – an argument against

There is definitely a huge variety of graphic displays mechanisms available on the market these days. China is a huge exporter to all countries and there are also a few local “made in SA” manufacturers who produce good quality. The bottom line is 1. All mechanisms come from the same source. Whether you buy from so-and-so printers – they get their mechanisms from the same place that everyone does….and they all tend to be very similar if not from theRead More

exhibiting your brand at exhibitions and trade shows

Exhibitions and trade shows – Tips by HOTT3D Depending on your budget and needs your method of exhibiting yourself will vary…here are a few ways it can be done based on budget which, lets face it tends to supercede your needs most of the time. 1. If you are a really good salesperson – stand on a “soapbox” with a megaphone. This method will in fact work for any exhibitor who is supremely confident and can project confidence in theirRead More

free portable display equipment for your event

Do you have a golf day or large event coming up? You realise you need a literal ton of branding, but budget just does not allow you to buy those 20 teardrops banners or telescopics as well as 10 ground based aframes not to mention 4 gazebos and other similar branding such as rollups and bannerwalls (all quantities just for example purposes) Well now we have a solution for you. We at H3D – Hott3D are going to be carryingRead More

Welcome to the world of physical branding

December 29, 2009 Blogroll

We at HOTT3D have been involved in exhibitions and display for over 14 years. Having worked with items as small as brochure holders right through to double storey major exhibition stands we are well versed in how to ensure your brand receives maximum visibility. Our range includes, but is not limited to: portable displays, exhibition stand design and implementation, traditional 2D design, webdesign, event co-ordination and branding… Our strength lies in not only supplying exceptional product and service, but alsoRead More

about us

April 4, 2009 Uncategorized

We design and manufacture award-winning trade show exhibition stands, expo displays and temporary event infrastructure. Custom exhibition stands, modular system exhibition stands and Budget Exhibits are our areas of speciality. Each division caters for a specific type of exhibitor. No matter your budget, we have a solution. Our in-house CAD design department will visualise your stand using 3D software and our production department will realise these designs. Our graphic design studio can create world-class graphic content to suit your display requirements. OurRead More


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bespoke exhibition stands

March 25, 2009 services/what we do

be·spoke Adj: (of goods) Made to order: e.g.: “a bespoke suit”   As the definition suggests, ‘bespoke’ is the creation of built-to-order exhibition stands and trade show displays from inception to completion. All aspects are tailored to fit the clients exact marketing campaigns and requirements. It is possible to create a bespoke exhibition stands using modular systems, but generally exhibition stands are constructed using timber and a variety of complimentary finishes.      

modular exhibition stands

March 24, 2009 services/what we do

mod·u·lar Adj: Employing or involving a module or modules in design or construction   Our specialty is the use of Octanorm Maxima Aluminium extrusions and accessories to create both bespoke as well as Budget Exhibits. Using a variety of systems we can tailor exhibits to suit any exhibition space and for any industry. Modular exhibition stands are cost effective, easier to transport and re-usable.

budget exhibits

March 23, 2009 services/what we do

budg-et  Adj: Inexpensive e.g.: “a budget guitar” Our Budget Exhibits division specialises in kit-stands that are cost effective, yet employ furnishings and finishes consistent with bespoke and modular stand designs. Our Budget Exhibits website for these exhibits has a number of size configurations for you to consider. These stands are all adaptable and the components are interchangeable. If you don’t find an existing design that suits your needs, speak to us for possible modifications to suit your exhibition requirements.