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OpenSource Software for exhibition companies

I am a huge exponent of opensource software. I use it daily as much as possible. Why pay for software when far better or equivalent software is available opensource. Why pay for expensive 3D and operating software when most software has opensource FREE equivalents some of the opensource software i use 1. Modelling – Sketchup – its free and 100% accurate. Easy to learn, with  huge database of tutorials to quickly get up to speed. Why pay for CAD –Read More

Conference and Exhibition Venues in South Africa

SouthAfrica.info proving to be a useful site…by far the most comprehensive website for this sort of information They have a full list of conference and exhibition venues in South Africa searchable by venue size, conference size…whatever your requirements are they can find it.  If it’s not there it’s probably not worth going too…ok so that probably a rubbish statement as there are a ton of small wonderful venues around SA that aren’t on here, but probably should be.  However, mostRead More

conferences and exhibitions in south africa

The most comprehensive list of exhibitions and conferences i have found to date for South Africa….and SouthAfrica.info is a great resource generally for information about SA Exhibitions Calendar Conferences calendar H3D…bringing you relevant information about the South African Exhibitions and Conferencing industry www.hott.co.za www.budgetexhibits.co.za