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Briefing in your next Exhibition Stand (part 2)

To make our life easier and to help our clients get the most out of their exhibition stand or event infrastructure, we provide them with a briefing document to complete comprehensively at the very beginning of the whole process. Read Part 1 over here: Briefing in your next Exhibition Stand (part 1) In part 1 we covered: About the company: Core services/ products and the size of the company About the stand: aims of the exhibition stand, target industry andRead More

My top 5 alternative conference venues Cape Town

We have made an update to this page. If you need even more options please see this post: Our Top 5 Alternative Conference Venues in Cape Town – 2014   Looking for a place to host a small conference and or exhibition…CTICC too big or too expensive. Not to worry there are plenty of smaller, more intimate venues at your disposal. Here are our picks for alternative conference venues in Cape Town. 1. Spier Spier has possibly the nicest staffRead More

African Utility Week 2011 – Africa business

Africa Business News – African Utility Week 2011 African Utility Week 2011 was held recently at the Cape Town Convention Centre. The event focused on industrial suppliers to the power and energy sector. Alternative energy options in particular where a big focus. We once again worked with Goldwind. Originating from China, Goldwind now have offices on all continents and are actively engaged in dealing with our own government to the creation of windfarms here in good old Saffrica. South Africa’sRead More

Cape Town Convention Centre planning an expansion

Given the success of the CTICC (Cape Town International Convention centre) an expansion was bound to happen. So yes, Phase 2 is announced…in fact Phase 2 was apparently planned before the current CTICC was even built. Whilst exact details remain, at best, part of the rumour mill and sketchy the following “facts” have emerged. 1. It will add over 10000m2 of exhibition space 2. The proposed site was  originally directly across the highway taking over the area now occupied byRead More

When is it a Good Idea to Rent an Exhibition Stand Rather than Buy One?

Exhibition Stand Hire I read a great article by Stefan Buss of  Nimlok in the UK today on when would it be a good idea to Rent vs Buy an exhibition stand. He makes some very valid points and its well worthwhile the read if you intend to or already do participate in trade shows and exhibitions. When is it a Good Idea to Rent an Exhibition Stand Rather than Buy One? A summary of that article as follows: FirstRead More

Help victims of theft and arson in Masiphumelele

Offtopic, but probably more relevant than work can ever be…   My domestic helper is Helena. She is Mozambican and lets just  say she is a real Gem. We first met at a fruit and veg store in Kommetjie where she was being paid R 50 a day to work from 7am till 7pm. I should probably name that store as it’s a downright disgrace and they deserve a boycotting…but i think that’s for another day. Nevertheless, she is nowRead More

Open Source Software for exhibition companies

I have previously posted on the use of opensource software to run ones creative business…I recently had opportunity to take a new look at the software I use on my PC systems as well as on our desktop Imacs. The list runs as follows: Openoffice (Mac and PC) Gimp (in place of photoshop) Sketchup (mac and pc) Kerkythea (mac and pc) Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Thunderbird VLC media player Infra recorder (CD/DVD burning software) 7 zip (in place of winzip) AVGRead More

Clicks Supplier Conference 2010 – Pharmaplan Photo Booth

A small booth for Pharmaplan making use of a photobooth setup. We would invite people to come in, dress up Mardi Gras style, have their pic taken with friends and then we issue them with a postcard branded print. All images also uploaded to flickr here The setup used Jinbei Studio flashheads, a Canon 30D with cactus triggers, a canon selphy postcard printer and a whole pile of fun props. all in all a very succesful show for Pharmaplan. TheRead More

Augmented Reality on exhibition stands

I have been searching for Augmented Reality use on exhibition stands for some time now…here is a good link and example of its use for those not initiated in this form of tech use “A webcam was built into the stand to detect the customised marker. The marker itself was printed on the back cover of the event guide, embedded within the hat of the model, with visitors being directed to the stand to ‘see inside the mind’ ofRead More

Social networking and Exhibitions/ conferences/ congresses

Despite South Africa being at the forefront of mobile social networking, for some reason the exhibition and conference industry lags severely in its attempts to utilise this method of conveying information. Certain industries such as Pharmaceuticals do indeed have a case for being cautious…that being the illegal advertising of schedule drug information (not legal in SA) to consumers…tricky one that! Other FMCG industries who primarily aim at consumers should not be so shy though. Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare  are all easyRead More