ESTRO Oncology Congress – Sports Science Institute Cape Town

The second in a string of shows that have used this modular stand for Merck Seranos Oncology Division

The event is ESTRO, which is an oncology congress hosted at The Sports Science Institute in Newlands, Cape Town.

Originally created as a 3m x 2m stand this stand was reconfigured to fit this venue, yet retains all the key components.

The stand utilises Octanorm Maxima for the structure, a custom floorgraphic, custom furnishings and streched fabric panels.

Sometimes simple is just better. A Stand does not have to be monstrous and expensive.

Our target at H3D – HOTT 3D is the smaller exhibitor that does not have a massive budget yet still wants to look great.  Dont make the mistake of contracting larger companies to do your work. You will not get nearly the service levels and your stand will look at best average and at worst like every other basic stand out there.

Merck ESTRO 2010

Merck ESTRO Sports Science Institute 2010

ESTRO 2010

merck ESTRO 2010