March 22, 2009 services/what we do

e·vent / iˈvent / NOUN: A planned public or social occasion.

Our work in events is twofold; the stands are either used individually or combined with other elements for optimal display.

event branding

One of our specialities is the effective planning and culmination of event branding. Using a highly structured approach to planning we ensure the process is smooth and seamless from inception through to final installation.

Included in this process is:

• Creation of plans (2D and 3D) to illustrate visually how the branding is planned

• Creation of large format graphic content

• Printing of graphic content

• Rollout onsite (within the health and safety as well as venue restrictions)

event co-ordination

The co-ordination of suppliers to the effective culmination of an event include venue, catering, branding, audio visual & entertainment. We have an excellent relationship with our suppliers all of whom have proved to be professional and of the highest calibre. We also have a dealer relationship with most of these suppliers ensuring the best rates for the end user.