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Experiential Marketing: The HOTTBox for Shell at the Top Gear Festival


Getting that all important consumer engagement and overall emotional response is getting tougher these days, as marketing audiences become more selective in how they engage with a company. So, just how do you get increased engagement?

Think inside a box, that’s how! More accurately…create a new box…or 3.

HOTT 3 Dimensional Marketing, the exhibition display and trade show specialists, in conjunction with newly established boutique event design and production agency, Formative were recently tasked with producing an outdoor exhibit for headline sponsor, Shell, at the recently completed, sold out, Top Gear Festival in Durban.

Interestingly, the two companies came together via a Twitter Direct Message after both being asked to quote separately on the project by Shells global ad agency, JWT and decided to pursue a combined effort. (On a side note, this just goes to prove two essential points for modern marketing of any size business; Ignore Social Media at your peril and never underestimate the power of positive relationships.)

Going the experiential route, the two companies decided that the conversion of 3 shipping containers, into a slick, easy on the eye and fully interactive experience for Top Gear Festival goers, was the way forward.

After being briefed by JWT, the two companies joined forces and decided to change up the proposed 20 x 10 marquee initial concept, deciding it was too common, un-exciting and dull.  The two companies pitched both JWT and Shell on the converted container concept, who were suitable impressed and came on board without hesitation for a previously un-proven concept in South Africa.

The two companies got the sign off and in less than four weeks delivered three converted containers, that were converted in Cape Town, set up on time in Durban, looked outstanding and ready for the 70 000+ fans who attended the Top Gear Festival.

The conversion required the input of a structural engineer, both companies full production staff and involved hacking the huge shipping containers apart and then retro fitting with new floors, backlit ceilings, installing flip up/down side panels that convert into awnings, display panels for Shell Helix products, Shell branding and the installation of interactive activities that would satisfy the throngs petrol heads.

The interactive activities on the stand included,

  • A F1 Tyre Change competition, where audiences could get to experience just what it takes to change an F1 tyre. (Even celebs Sasha Martinengo and Tiff Needell where spotted giving it a go),
  • a Top Gear styled leader board to keep the tyre changes competitive,
  • A double F1 simulator race setup with Ferrari styling,
  • A Scalectrix racetrack for the younger visitors (and some of the older ones),
  • A Brazilian Cafe coffee bar where beverages where served
  • and an iMac / iPad experience centre.

So popular was this outdoor exhibit, it ran a queue for the entire two days and saw a phenomenal 5000 people pass through, resulting in a very satisfied client.

Look out for a bigger project for next year’s Top Gear festival which is already in the pipeline. Both HOTT 3D and Formative look forward to next year’s Top Gear Festival in Durban and wowing Top Gear Visitors even more.

Experiential Marketing: The HOTTBox for Shell at the Top Gear Festival


Experiential Marketing: The HOTTBox for Shell at the Top Gear Festival

Experiential Marketing: The HOTTBox for Shell at the Top Gear Festival

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