free large file ftp transfer

It used to be that to get artwork to a printer you had to burn it to disk, drive to the printer and deliver it or get a courier to deliver it.

There is a far easier way that for some reason most people just dont know about. Even agencies that produce the artwork seem oblivious.

Traditionally I have always used It is fast and was the forerunner in this service for many years. They have a very useful desktop html tool that means you dont have to navigate to the site using your browser…you simply open the application and send. It signs in automatically and is very easy. The downside is that the free account is limited to 100MB. These days that limitis becoming more and more difficult to stick to with artwork files. The upside is its fast and effective.

Recently i have discovered a new site called WeTransfer These guys have a 2GB limit for free accounts and run as efficiently as YouSendIt. It does seem a little slower and currently there is no desktop application. Their LinkedIn page does promise one soon though and I for one cant wait.

I could never understand why people pay for a service like this. It should be free after all as we already pay through our teeth in South Africa for fast adsl broadband. The more we can save the better. There are no hidden agendas with any of these services. They are simple and effective and you wont be spammed to death.

There are a few other good services out there of  similar nature, but as these are the 2 I know I can only comment on these. WeTransfer also has a great background and very simple and slick user interface…pretty pictures to look at while your file sends

enjoy burning your bandwidth