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free portable display equipment for your event


Do you have a golf day or large event coming up?

You realise you need a literal ton of branding, but budget just does not allow you to buy those 20 teardrops banners or telescopics as well as 10 ground based aframes not to mention 4 gazebos and other similar branding such as rollups and bannerwalls (all quantities just for example purposes)

Well now we have a solution for you.

We at H3D – Hott3D are going to be carrying stock of these items such that if you have an event coming up we will loan you the portable display systems. You just pay for the printing which are at market related prices if not the best available prices on the garden route. Not only that, but we will assist you to plan your branding layout and for a small project management fee set it up (yes even if we need to do it at 5am) and remove it. So you just have to get to your event and do what you do best…that is sell your company and products.

admittedly printing does represent about 60-75% of a complete system cost, but a 25%- 40% saving is a large sum when one considers what you would spend buying in everything. You also dont sit with tons of equipment that takes up space and may only be used once a year!

The further advantage is that all prints are fully reusable at subsequent events using the same systems on loan and again just with a project management fee to plan and setup for you. We will even store your printing in an airtight safe environment so they maintain their top condition.

We at H3D – Hott3D have a combined 28 years experience in how best to ensure your brand is conveyed. We are specialists in planning and creating impactful event branding.

Terms and conditions do apply and at this stage this service is only available in the garden route area.

Contact Liam Beattie at or on mobile 076 577 0989 for more details

or visit our website for a full overview of our talents

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