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COVID-19 AfricaCare – How HOTT3D can help Medical & Government facilities


COVID-19 AfricaCare - How HOTT3D can help Medical & Government facilities

COVID-19 AfricaCare – How HOTT3D can help Medical & Government facilities

As we grapple with dealing with kids and pets photobombing our Zoom calls (oh yes and don’t stand up without being sure you have your pants on…this requires its own blog post!), our team has been furiously ferreting away coming up with achievable and scalable idea’s. It’s been insanely busy as we navigate so many unknowns and the MOUNTAIN of information flooding in, whilst doing our level best to navigate projects later in the year. COVID-19 has been a game changer!

To clients waiting for information from us, thank you for your patience. We are not in a normal situation here as we scramble to deal with our personal and professional lives and cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in this together and we need to work together.

Taking cues from our offshore and local associations and ALL the news we follow we ask ourselves this one question daily. What can we do that would be of help? We can’t make ventilators and we aren’t microbiologists. But what we can do is supply the spaces & structures for medical & government facilities need to set up temporary medical infrastructure to contain COVID-19 patients! 

Our industry traditionally works on a rental basis. viz: Pay x amount for show duration (2/3 days). That clearly won’t work in this situation due to the duration these items will be needed. So we have worked on a series of products that can be produced quickly and can be shipped anywhere fast. They can be installed very fast as well as reconfigured rapidly should circumstances change. Prices remain highly negotiable and dependant on individual negotiation.

An added benefit is that regions and countries these products ship to would continue to be able to use much of this infrastructure long after this crisis has passed. Just about everything will last many years and can easily be used to set up traditional exhibition booths and other infrastructure needs or any event that needs temporary structures.

Of course, logistics do pose a challenge, but we do have some good insights on how to deal with these from past projects and current interactions.

A few renders of some recent ideas are in this post. If you see anything that remotely could be useful get in touch with us. This is a small sample of what we have worked on so get in touch if you need to discuss ANY idea you have and to see our full range.

COVID-19, temporary medical units, medical wards, HOTT3D

If you see something that looks close, but not quite right, CONTACT US and we can modify….fast. There are few companies that are able to react as fast as we do.

Good luck to everyone. It’s a tough time for sure. But as project managers, we need to keep looking to the future.

Stay home. Keep safe. Wash everything delivered to your home. But most importantly keep speaking to family, friends, colleagues, suppliers, associations, opposition. Everyone. We need to talk to each other now more than ever.

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