Open Source Software for exhibition companies

I have previously posted on the use of opensource software to run ones creative business…I recently had opportunity to take a new look at the software I use on my PC systems as well as on our desktop Imacs.

The list runs as follows:

  1. Openoffice (Mac and PC)
  2. Gimp (in place of photoshop)
  3. Sketchup (mac and pc)
  4. Kerkythea (mac and pc)
  5. Mozilla Firefox
  6. Mozilla Thunderbird
  7. VLC media player
  8. Infra recorder (CD/DVD burning software)
  9. 7 zip (in place of winzip)
  10. AVG anti virus
  11. FileZilla (FTP transfer)
  12. Cobian backup for automated data backup to your external HDD.
  13. Ubuntu (OS for PC)
  14. WinRar
  15. Solid PDF creator

The amount of money I save is huge. Also, there is such an extensive online community support structure that it really makes most paid for software pale in comparison.

On the macs we do use mostly the native software for no other reason that it just works.  On the PCs we are actively trying to switch everything over to opensource although as always there is natural objection to this process (as this is what people are used too)

updated lists to follow as we find more