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OpenSource Software for exhibition companies


I am a huge exponent of opensource software. I use it daily as much as possible. Why pay for software when far better or equivalent software is available opensource.

Why pay for expensive 3D and operating software when most software has opensource FREE equivalents

some of the opensource software i use

1. Modelling

Sketchup – its free and 100% accurate. Easy to learn, with  huge database of tutorials to quickly get up to speed. Why pay for CAD

Kerkythea – its free and 100% accurate. Easy to learn and without the extra baggage that programs like 3D Max have. It  is a stand alone renderer made for sketchup. Loads of textures. Network rendering capabilities. Paid sketchup plugins (if you just must pay)

2. Internet

Thunderbird – easily one of them most manageable email clients available

Firefox – makes internet explorer seem so archaic! So dynamic and so on the ball and up to speed.

3. In office

Openoffice – why keep paying for MS Office. Openoffice does it faster, better and before MS. In fact i bet my money that MS copies openoffice

4. Operating systems

Ubuntu – cannot get viruses…need i say more. Fully customisable to replicate mac or windows with plugins

It is entirely possible to run ones creative business using open source software…sure some software such as Gimp or blender may not be quite up to the speed of Photoshop, but its damn close and closing in all the time. For the needs of my small business opensource FTW!

If anyone reads this and has any other suggestions for creative companies…pray do share!  😉

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