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POKEN Events – make your next event the best ever


What is pokenEVENT?

pokenEVENT is a branded Poken experience for an event, conference, campaign or gathering.

The event organizer or corporate sponsor can add custom branded elements, such as a banner or card background, to the Poken Member Hub.  All users associated with that pokenEVENT will see the branded elements.

Additional features can include:

  • Searchable tags
  • Pre-loading of the organizers or sponsors Poken cards into guest accounts.
  • A widget specially created for that event, which will appear in guests’ Member Hub

The possibilities are endless, the returns great.

POKEN Events - make your next event the best ever

building brand communities?

Yes, even more than making your event more interactive and giving your guests the best in social networking devices, pokenEVENT can build your brand community. From the poken itself to the Member Hub you can brand and customize your guests’ experience. Our capabilities include pre-registration, which makes networking a complete breeze, default profiles representing your event or brand, post-event analytics, and more.

Poken has helped organizations from around the globe host great events including: BMW, Samsung, IBM, The Lift Conference and many more.

POKEN Events - make your next event the best ever

what’s included

With pokenEVENT you have the options of:

  • Creating custom-branded pokens with your event/company logo.
  • Adding logo lanyards to be sure your poken is always ready to poken.
  • Creating a branded website experience featuring a banner with your company’s logo and graphics
  • Creating a branded background for attendees’ social business cards.
  • Pre-loading event organizers’ social business cards into attendees’ accounts.
  • Creating a master account that contains profiles of all attendees.
  • Getting detailed post-event analytics to monitor the effectiveness of

Poken blends into how people connect, and complements the handshake
in a discreet, effective and elegant way.

– Laurent Haug, Lift Conference

Poken gives you, the organiser, the ability to create an interactive experience for your clients that will live on well beyond the day of the event.

Link to POKEN here

Our Poken Events Page can be located here

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