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Social networking and Exhibitions/ conferences/ congresses


Despite South Africa being at the forefront of mobile social networking, for some reason the exhibition and conference industry lags severely in its attempts to utilise this method of conveying information.

Certain industries such as Pharmaceuticals do indeed have a case for being cautious…that being the illegal advertising of schedule drug information (not legal in SA) to consumers…tricky one that!

Other FMCG industries who primarily aim at consumers should not be so shy though.

Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare  are all easy to use to gain an online following and are all measurable…not to mention the potential for viral spread


It would be very simple, for example, to set up a Foursquare campaign which offers both rewards at game/badge level as well as real tangible rewards to participants. The world cup has just done it successfully. CNN teamed up with Foursquare to create badges specifically for those visiting SA, those watching at fan areas in other countries and then also a few gimmicky badges. Other succesful trade convention include Internet week NY in the US as well as SXSW week.

We have recently taken a strong look at the use of Social Medias combined with traditional exhibition stands. The idea being that an exhibit (or the exhibited brand) must live before and way after the event. Why pay all that money for 3 days of exposure. Its time to leverage it way beyond just the show dates.

give us a call for more information on not only superbly designed exhibits, but also integration of social medias to your exhibition effort.

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