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Briefing in your next Exhibition Stand (part 2)

To make our life easier and to help our clients get the most out of their exhibition stand or event infrastructure, we provide them with a briefing document to complete comprehensively at the very beginning of the whole process. Read Part 1 over here: Briefing in your next Exhibition Stand (part 1) In part 1 we covered: About the company: Core services/ products and the size of the company About the stand: aims of the exhibition stand, target industry andRead More

Exhibiting 101 – Choosing a stand size for your budget.

Exhibition stand costs – Choosing a stand for your needs This topic is best discussed in conjunction with budget. 1. Budget Without knowing what your budget is for the entire show effort (stand space, stand construction, graphic design, flights, hotels…) exhibiting will be a excercise in frustration. At first the cost of exhibiting on an event will appear very high. However, divide the cost by visitors and then after the show by sales generated and then it becomes the mostRead More