Open Source Software for exhibition companies

I have previously posted on the use of opensource software to run ones creative business…I recently had opportunity to take a new look at the software I use on my PC systems as well as on our desktop Imacs. The list runs as follows: Openoffice (Mac and PC) Gimp (in place of photoshop) Sketchup (mac and pc) Kerkythea (mac and pc) Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Thunderbird VLC media player Infra recorder (CD/DVD burning software) 7 zip (in place of winzip) AVGRead More

OpenSource Software for exhibition companies

I am a huge exponent of opensource software. I use it daily as much as possible. Why pay for software when far better or equivalent software is available opensource. Why pay for expensive 3D and operating software when most software has opensource FREE equivalents some of the opensource software i use 1. Modelling – Sketchup – its free and 100% accurate. Easy to learn, with  huge database of tutorials to quickly get up to speed. Why pay for CAD –Read More

free large file ftp transfer

It used to be that to get artwork to a printer you had to burn it to disk, drive to the printer and deliver it or get a courier to deliver it. There is a far easier way that for some reason most people just dont know about. Even agencies that produce the artwork seem oblivious. Traditionally I have always used It is fast and was the forerunner in this service for many years. They have a very usefulRead More