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Best Trade Shows and Exhibitions in South Africa 2024

List of Tradeshows and Exhibitions in South Africa for 2024

It’s finally that time of year where we provide a comprehensive guide to the top trade shows and exhibitions in South Africa 2024. Trade shows and exhibitions have long been the lifeblood of industries, acting as vital platforms for businesses to showcase their products, network with industry professionals, and create lasting impressions on potential customers. This useful guide, highlights the must-attend trade shows across various sectors and key events that will shape the business landscape in South Africa this coming year.

List of Trade Shows and Exhibitions in South Africa 2024

Exhibition Start DateEnd DateCity
ESMO9 Feb 2411 Feb 24CPT
SAPHEX13 Mar 2415 Mar 24JHB
Board of Healthcare Funders Annual Conference4 May 248 May 24CPT
SAOA – Annual South African Orthopaedic Congress26 Aug 2429 Aug 24JHB
FIP World Congress1 Sept 245 Sept 24CPT
SASOG28 Aug 241 Sept 24CPT
Pain SA17 May 2419 May 24DBN
Critical Care Congress of South Africa22 Aug 2425 Aug 24JHB
SATS22 Aug 2425 Aug 24CPT
ICON10 May 2412 May 24JHB
Hospital Show13 Mar 2414 Mar 24JHB
Fertility Show Africa1 Jun 242 Jun 24CPT
Africa Health15 Oct 2417 Oct 24JHB
Medlab15 Oct 2417 Oct 24JHB
Cape Cycle Tour7 Mar 249 Mar 24CPT
Two Oceans Marathon10 Apr 2413 Apr 24CPT
HUNTEX26 Apr 2428 Apr 24JHB
Comrades Marathon6 Jun 249 Jun 24DBN
Cape Town Marathon19 Oct 2420 Oct 24CPT
BOATICA25 Oct 2427 Oct 24CPT
Information, Communications and Technology
ID4Africa21 May 2424 May 24CPT
SECUREX28 May 2430 May 24JHB
TheBig5 Construct South Africa4 Jun 246 Jun 24CPT
ITWeb Security Summit4 Jun 246 Jun 24JHB
Pan African Data Centres16 Jul 2417 Jul 24JHB
TECHSPO17 Oct 2418 Oct 24JHB
TECHSPO24 Oct 2425 Oct 24CPT
Blockchain Africa31 Oct 241 Nov 24JHB
Africa Automation Fair6 May 248 May 24JHB
Information Security & Privacy Update Conference6 Mar 248 Mar 24JHB
Cyber Tech AfricaTBCTBCJHB
Cyber Tech AfricaTBCTBCCPT
AfricaCom11 Nov 2414 Nov 24CPT
Rage Expo26 Apr 2429 Apr 24CPT
Solar Power Africa7 Feb 249 Feb 24CPT
Africa Energy Indaba5 Mar 247 Mar 24CPT
The Solar Show Africa18 Mar 2420 Mar 24JHB
The Future Energy Show18 Mar 2420 Mar 24JHB
Enlit Afirca28 May 2430 May 24CPT
Green Energy Africa Summit7 Oct 2411 Oct 24CPT
Africa Oil Week7 Oct 2411 Oct 24CPT
Windaba3 Oct 245 Oct 24CPT
EV International Conference & Expo7 Mar 249 Mar 24CPT
SBS, Renewable Energy & Exhibition (Clean Energy and gas gathering)18 Jul 2419 Jul 24CPT
KragDag Expo8 Aug 2410 Aug 24Cullinan
Africa Oil Week7 Oct 2411 Oct 24CPT
Green Energy Africa Summit7 Oct 2411 Oct 24CPT
LPG Week18 Nov 2422 Nov 24CPT
Mining Indaba5 Feb 248 Feb 24CPT
DRC Mining Week12 Jun 2414 Jun 24DRC
Electra Mining2 Sept 246 Sept 24JHB
Nampo Harvest day14 May 2417 May 24BLOEM
Nampo Cape 11 Sept 2414 Sept 24CPT
Nampo Alfa17 Oct 2419 Oct 24BVILLE
Africa Agri Tech25 Jun 2427 Jun 24PTA
House and Garden Show29 Jun 247 Jul 24DBN
The Plant Powered Show31 May 242 Jun 24CPT
The Plant Powered Show26 Jul 2428 Jul 24JHB
Life Style
Hostex3 May 245 May 24JHB
Hobbyex2 May 245 May 24JHB
Decorex6 Jun 249 Jun 24CPT
Africas Big 711 Jun 2413 Jun 24JHB
Decorex1 Aug 244 Aug 24JHB
Fame Week Africa2 Sept 244 Sept 24CPT
The Cannabis Expo22 Mar 2424 Mar 24CPT
Comic Con Africa27 Apr 241 May 24CPT
Cape Town Art Fair16 Feb 2418 Feb 24CPT
Eid Shopping Festival29 Feb 243 Mar 24JHB
Homemakers Fair 1 Mar 243 Mar 24JHB
SPAR Cape Town Ramadaan & Lifestyle Expo1 Mar 243 Mar 24CPT
SARCDA Africa6 Mar 248 Mar 24JHB
Knysna Oyster Festival21 Jun 2430 Jun 24Knysna
The Sex Expo27 Jun 2430 Jun 24CPT
The Cannabis ExpoTBCTBCJHB
Comic Con Africa26 Sept 2429 Sept 24JHB
The Cannabis ExpoTBCTBCDBN
Mama Magic Baby ExpoTBCTBCJHB
Mama Magic Baby ExpoTBCTBCDBN
The South African Cheese FestivalTBCTBCStellenbosch
100% Design South Africa1 Aug 244 Aug 24JHB
Food Show South Africa5 Aug 247 Aug 24JHB
My Beauty Expo23 Aug 2425 Aug 24DBN
Festival of Motoring30 Aug 241 Sept 24JHB
All Fashion Sourcing10 Sept 2411 SeptCPT
Winex30 Oct 241 Nov 24JHB
Ride Joburg Expo9 Nov 2410 Nov 24JHB
Business and Leisure Tourism
Meetings Africa27 Feb 2428 Feb 24JHB
Scale Africa12 Mar 2413 Mar 24CPT
WTM Africa10 Apr 2410 Apr 24CPT
We Are Africa Travel6 May 249 May 24CPT
The Hotel & Hospitality Show Africa11 Jun 2413 Jun 24JHB
Tourism Indaba13 May 2416 May 24DBN
FACIM – Mozambique26 Aug 24 1 Sept 24MOZ
Manufacturing and Construction
Local South African Manufacturing Expo2 Sept 246 Sept 24JHB
Mechanical and Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies7 Mar 24 9 Mar 24CPT
Big 5 Construction Expo4 June 246 June 24JHB
Infrastructure Africa Exhibition4 June 245 June 24CPT
WoodEx For Africa4 June 246 June 24JHB
Coatings for Africa19 Jun 2421 Jun 24JHB
Global Lift & Escalator Expo (GLE Expo)20 Aug 2422 Aug 24JHB
Manufacturing Indaba22 Oct 2423 Oct 24JHB
Finances Businesses and Marketing
Converge Africa ( formerly ECOM AFRICA)22 Apr 2424 Apr 24CPT
GTR Cape Town7 Mar 248 Mar 24CPT
International Franchise Expo20 Jul 2421 Jul 24JHB
Township Economies Conference and Expo30 Jul 2431 Jul 24JHB
Seamless Africa16 Oct 2417 Oct 24JHB
Sales Summit25 Apr 2425 Apr 24CPT
Sales Summit12 Jun 2412 Jun 24JHB
Blockchain Africa31 Oct 2431 Oct 24JHB
African Air Expo18 Feb 2420 Feb 24CPT
International Astronomical Union GA 20246 Aug 2415 Aug 24CPT
Africa Aerospace and Defence Expo18 Sept 2420 Sept 24PTA
African Aviation Summit Air Finance Africa Conference & Exhibition21 May 2423 May 24JHB
Aero South Africa3 July 245 July 24PTA
International Astronomical Union GA 20246 Aug 2415 Aug 24CPT
Occupation Health and Safety Expo28 May 2430 May 24JHB
Facilities Management Expo29 May 2431 May 24JHB
SAITEX11 Jun 2413 Jun 24JHB
AutoMechanika 202319 Nov 2421 Nov 24JHB
Border Security Week19 Jun 2420 Jun 24DBN
Ports and customs week19 Jun 2420 Jun 24DBN
Africa Rail25 Jun 2426 Jun 24JHB
Cape Town International Animation Festival3 Sept 245 Sept 24CPT
Fame Week Africa3 Sept 245 Sept 24CPT
MIP Africa3 Sept 245 Sept 24CPT
Cleantex Africa16 Oct 2418 Oct 24JHB
AI Expo Africa30 Oct 2431 Oct 24JHB
Future Road19 Nov 2411 Nov 24JHB
Ceramics Africa25 Sept 2427 Sept 24JHB

HOTT3D are industry leaders and have full confidence that Trade Shows and Exhibitions in South Africa 2024 are going to be bustling with success and will generate billions of Rands for the South African economy. We have a vision to make Trade Shows and Exhibitions in South Africa 2024 a showcase for what is possible from South African excellence and level of quality delivery of exhibition stands and event infrastructure.

Further, we are dedicated to skills and knowledge transfer of a world-class level of excellence with our African neighbors and counterparts and are thus able to deliver our products and services beyond South Africa as we work with local suppliers from other African countries to produce top-quality exhibitions and trade shows in Africa.

Choosing the right Trade Shows and Exhibitions in South Africa 2024 is just the starting point of your journey as an exhibitor, we have also prepared a guide that includes a a useful checklist to assist you with planning for Trade Shows and Exhibitions in South Africa 2024.

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