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Until We Do Meetings Again. A message of hope for our industry.



The meetings industry has been geared to face-to-face and in person meetings because people value connection. During this pandemic, we are all forced to isolate and remain at home to stay safe and prevent the spread of the virus. HOTT3D is still dedicated to our team, clients and suppliers and true to our indomitable spirit, we are bracing to survive the pandemic.

The HOTT3D Brand is still alive and when our meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions ( MICE ) events start up again, you can be sure that our team will get back together to continue the good work that our clients and industry has come to know and trust us for. 

Until We do meetings Again – HOTT3D message during the pandemic

We are launching a campaign to communicate with our clients, industry, and suppliers about how we have survived so far through the COVID-19 pandemic and reassure them that we will regroup based on our leadership and cohesive team.

This campaign will be a series of articles and social media posts called – Until We Meet Again – where we will take the time to say “Thank you!” to our loyal clients who have trusted us year after year with their brand building at exhibitions and events and to say that when we meet again, HOTT3D will be in a position to do the same excellent work we are trusted to deliver.

Leadership Credit

We also want to give credit to our leadership for their contributions over the years as well as highlight some of HOTT3D’s past work. Wise financial management, excellent interpersonal relationships with our clients, suppliers and landlord has steered us into safe harbours we will weather this storm.

Our focus will remain clear, to generate business and be part of the solution until the pandemic is over and the events industry will be able to continue with in person meetings.

Our Commitment

We don’t know how long the pandemic will last but we know that our team is strong and we will stay strong and resolute in our dedication to our industry. We have developed years of expertise, professional relationships and experience that will be in demand again when the event industry opens up again. And when it does we will be ready to deliver the trusted quality service that our clients have come to appreciate us for.  


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