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FREE 6 Month Plan to Maximise ROI from Your Exhibition Stand!

6-Month Exhibition Stand Marketing Plan

How to Maximise ROI from your exhibition stand? Is a good question, in this article we provide some useful answers. Participating in an exhibition can be a significant investment for your business, and with a well-crafted marketing plan, you can maximize your return on investment (ROI) and generate high-quality leads. This 6-month marketing plan outlines the steps to achieve success at the exhibition, including how to choose the right event, and guides your budget considerations for each element of the plan.

Month 1: Research and Goal Setting to Maximise ROI from Your Exhibition Stand

1. Define Your Objectives:

Set clear and measurable objectives for the exhibition, such as lead generation, brand awareness, or product launches. Align your goals with your overall marketing strategy.

2. Budget Allocation:

Determine the budget for the exhibition, considering booth space, stand design, marketing materials, travel expenses, and on-site activities.

3. Identify Target Exhibitions:

Research and shortlist potential exhibitions based on their relevance to your industry, target audience, location, and reputation. Compare the costs and benefits of each event.

Team work

Choose the Right Exhibition

Selecting the right exhibition to attend is crucial for a successful marketing plan and to maximise ROI from your exhibition stand. Consider the following factors when choosing which exhibitions to participate in:

1. Audience Fit:

Ensure that the exhibition’s target audience aligns with your ideal customer profile. Look for events where you can reach potential customers who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

2. Industry Relevance:

Choose exhibitions that are directly related to your industry or niche. Events focused on specific sectors attract attendees with a higher likelihood of being interested in what you offer.

3. Reputation and Size:

Research the reputation of the exhibition and its history of success. Larger events with a substantial attendee base can provide more opportunities to generate leads and make connections.


4. Location and Accessibility:

 Consider the location of the exhibition in relation to your target market. Events held in major cities or international hubs may attract a more diverse audience.

5. Competitor Presence:

Evaluate the presence of your competitors at the exhibition. While some competition can be beneficial, too much may dilute your impact.

6. Networking and Learning Opportunities:

Look for exhibitions that offer networking sessions, workshops, or industry presentations. These additional opportunities can enrich your exhibition experience and provide further value.


Month 2: Pre-Event Planning and Promotion to maximise ROI

Exhibition f

4. Choose the Right Exhibition: 

Make a final decision on which exhibition to attend based on your research and budget considerations. Confirm your booth space and finalize your participation.

5. Stand Design and Construction – Build a stand-out stand: 
Allocate a budget for stand design and construction. Consider cost-effective options such as modular stands or reusable materials to stay within budget. Work with stand builders and designers to create an eye-catching and interactive exhibition stand that aligns with your brand message and attracts attention.

Building a stand

6. Develop Compelling Content: 

Create engaging marketing materials and content to showcase your products or services. This could include brochures, videos, product demonstrations, and interactive displays

7. Pre-Event Marketing Campaign: 

Launch a targeted pre-event marketing campaign to generate buzz and excitement around your participation. Allocate funds for email marketing, social media, and content marketing to build anticipation and invite attendees to visit your stand. Pre-Event marketing is crucial to realise and maximise ROI from your exhibition stand.

Month 3: Preparing Your Team

8. Staff Training and Travel:

Budget for staff training, travel expenses, and accommodation. Equip your exhibition team with product knowledge, effective communication skills, and strategies for lead generation. Ensure they understand the goals of the exhibition and how to represent your brand effectively. A well prepared team is a sure way to maximise ROI from your participation at an exhibition.

9. Interactive Elements:

Allocate funds for interactive elements such as product demos, augmented reality experiences, or games to engage attendees at your booth. Be sure to communicate the interactive elements to your stand builder so that they can incorporate them into the stand design.

Interactive elements

10. Marketing Collateral: 

Budget for the design and printing of marketing collateral, including brochures, business cards, and promotional materials.

11. Set Up Appointments: 

Reach out to key prospects and existing clients to schedule appointments during the exhibition. Personalized invitations can increase the chances of meaningful interactions.

Month 4: Onsite engagement and Lead Generation Strategies to Maximise ROI from your exhibition participation

12. Interactive Experiences: 

Plan interactive experiences at your stand to engage visitors and leave a lasting impression. Consider demos, contests, interactive touchscreens, or virtual reality experiences.

13. Lead Capture System: 

Implement a lead capture system to track and record visitor information efficiently. This could include using lead scanning apps or digital forms for seamless data collection. Following up on leads and contact that you met at the exhibition will maximise ROI because these leads can be converted into sales.

Exhibition stands generate leads

14. Contest or Giveaway:

Allocate a budget for a contest or giveaway that encourages attendees to visit your booth and leave their contact information.

Month 5: Post-Event Follow-Up

15. Lead Nurturing Campaign: 

Immediately after the event, launch a lead nurturing campaign to follow up with prospects and attendees. Send personalized emails, offering additional information or special offers.

16. Measurement and ROI:

Analyze the data and evaluate the ROI from the exhibition. Compare the cost of participation to the leads generated and the business opportunities created. To measure how you were able to maximise ROI, remember to consider that ROI includes:

  • The PR and marketing spin that is created from your stand,
  • The learning about the industry that takes place at these events,
  • Potential talent reached, as well as
  • Sales leads generated.

Month 6: Evaluation and Improvement

FREE 6 Month Plan to Maximise ROI from Your Exhibition Stand!

17. Post-Exhibition Review: 

Conduct a post-exhibition review with your team to discuss what worked well and areas for improvement. Gather feedback from your team and analyze the results of your marketing efforts.

18. Plan for Future Exhibitions: 

Allocate funds for research and registration for future exhibitions that align with your marketing goals and business objectives.

By choosing the right exhibitions and executing a well-thought-out marketing plan, you can maximize your ROI and generate high-quality leads at your exhibition stand. Remember, success at exhibitions is not just about the days of the event but also the preparation, follow-up, and continuous improvement that happens throughout your entire 6-month marketing journey. With dedication, creativity, and strategic planning, your business will make a memorable impact and unlock valuable opportunities for growth.

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