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A message from the HOTT3D Team for their BOSS



Ask anybody who is anybody in the industry over the past decade about the HOTT3D team. They will tell you that HOTT3D delivers quality projects for very happy clients. They will tell you that the team at HOTT3D has that je ne sais quoi” that is the envy of many long-established companies in the events and exhibition industry and they will tell you that they secretly wished they were a part of this incredible team. 

The greatness of the HOTT3D Team

The greatness of this team can be attributed to the greatness of its leader, Liam Beattie. Liam is the face of the HOTT3D team and would not like to be the centre of this article because he is an incredibly humble and down to earth guy. I would like to give credit where credit is due and honour a true gentleman and great leader.


I know that he would rather that we take the time to blog about the EuroShop 2020 experience that he gave to 4 HOTT3D team members to be inspired by the latest trends in design and the exhibition industry of Europe. We will do this indeed – 4 people that are truly grateful for the experience of a lifetime will share their story about Euroshop with you one day. But days after they returned from Euroshop the pandemic blew up what was normality and business as usual, into a million unrecognizable pieces. It has not felt like the right time to blog about such things as business travel and public gatherings under the circumstances.

Bringing the focus back to Liam Beattie, Managing Director of HOTT3D ( Although I know he was hoping I’d been distracted by the Euroshop story) I would like to share with you how he has taken the road less travelled by treating his team with dignity and respect and continually providing for and paying them while most other monopolising companies in the South African exhibition industry had cut their staff loose.


It is largely due to his astute financial management that the company had reserve funds to carry on paying staff until July – that is 4 months of salaries and not a single sale in our industry work. This might seem like financial folly to a profit-driven leader but as we state in our sustainability policy, the HOTT3D team adheres to the principle of the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, and Profit and really implement the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. 


Throughout the last few months, The HOTT3D team carried on working on creating solutions and redefining the problem. It has not been easy at all but in the words of a great boss “Sometimes the best thing to do is to keep doing.” Yes you guessed it, Liam used those words to encourage me at one of the low points that I am sure we have all experienced at one point or another over the past few months, and we did keep doing. Afrika Umoja, BLUBOX, and Alacrity Africa Projects are outputs of this tough time, three companies with different solutions to offer to businesses to beat this pandemic.

The HOTT3D team does not look like it did going into this pandemic – we are all looking a bit more human – connected in our struggle and sadly to say at the end of the road now with our ability to pay the staff salaries. How long will this struggle and difficult time will last? Will it get worse before it gets better? I am not sure BUT one thing is for sure, this time has been defined by leadership and we had the best and When We Meet Again, you can be sure the HOTT3D leadership and team will rally together to build your brand and give you peace of mind on the stage of your event.

Our team has put together a few words to say #UntilWeMeetAgain and thank you to Liam and HOTT3D:

Bonakele Vetezo

 HOTT3D Team, Liam I just wanna say thanks to you for the time spent with you guys: I’m so heartbroken that this year is separating us, COVID-19 I hate you, you destroyed our small friendly family. Team HOTT3D, let’s hope for the best, let’s pray that this is gonna be over so We Can Meet Again #stayhome #staysafe.


 Thanks, Liam, HOTT3D team, we had a great time together. This COVID 19 has broken our heart and ruined everything we had and were about to do, all these years. Let’s hope We Will Meet Again next year and please stay safe Until We Meet Again, stay home guys. 


 Thanks, HOTT3D for everything. Covid 19 broke my heart and now we lose a job. 


Thanks, Liam and Team HOTT3D – I just wanna say thanks to you for everything that we have done together, I’m heartbroken I feel like I have lost a family, I never worked for a company that so kindly like HOTT3D, anytime you need my help just make one call – I will be there.


 My heart is broken, you are everything to us, we always pray that this covid 19 must come to an end so that we can see each other again, May God Bless you and your family.


 Thanks to Team Hott 3D just wanna say thank you for the time spent with you guys – I am so heartbroken that this is happening.  


 Liam and HOTT3D – I am so proud of all the outstanding activations, professional branding, cutting edge design work, and perfectly finished touches that we have accomplished over the past 7 years – I will always be at your service and you will always be family to me. 


 I would like to give words of gratitude to Liam and Hott3d team, from being an intern to a permanent employee I have experienced nothing but excellence when it comes to teamwork, leadership and coaching. I’m grateful for the amazing years as part of the family.


 I joined the Hott 3D familia about a decade ago. It’s an absolute pleasure working with my Team & Liam is a true leader & mentor. I’ve learnt a lot about the industry over the years. We will get through this & start building up again as we do… that’s how we Roll 🤘🏼


 HOTT3D is honestly the best company to work for. With its amazing teamwork, outstanding projects and a boss who is so understanding and motivating at the same time. I feel proud to be part of the Hott 3d team!!


Thank you Liam for allowing us as a Team and as individuals to grow in our positions, you have always supported ideas and have always been open for new suggestions!

– I thank you Liam for allowing me and my colleagues the opportunity to go to Euroshop and experience exhibition design on such a huge level. I will always be grateful!

– One of a kind leader who puts in just as much if not more work than he’s employees.


 It has been such a rewarding adventure and in those 8 years, I’ve learned and grown far more than I could have imagined. To me, this loyalty is a testament to the leadership and mentorship I’ve received from Liam. 

I’ve learned how to be a leader, how to think fast, and solve problems. I’ve learned the value in forming professional relationships and I’ve learned that giving people the responsibility to do what they do best, you’ll receive the best results. 

It’s been a great 8 years and beyond unfortunate that the pause button has been pushed in this way but knowing Liam, it certainly will not be the end. 

Thanks for being such a strong and reliable leader and for always trusting in us. Here’s to the dream-team!


 Liam/Baas has done so much for me has been there for me through so much I don’t want to say goodbye nor thank you cause I’ll be back with him. I have never worked for a company ever longer than for Liam’s company. I don’t want to lose this. He’s a great guy and a better boss. I choose my words carefully as I don’t want to part.

James Benns

The past few years have been great working with the Hott3d team. It has been a wonderful and refreshing experience, tough times come and go and I believe we will all be back in the game again before we know it. I can say with my hand on my heart Liam is one of the best, I learnt a lot from him and hope to do so going forward in 2021… we had fun and worked our butt’s off… A combination of that makes a great company… Till we meet again…


Until We Meet Again – By Meagan Richards staff writer for HOTT3D

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