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HOTT 3D – Doing it for the Sisters! BBBEE partnership with Alacrity Africa Projects. 

BBBEE Empowerment deal


Before the pandemic the HOTT3D Team business plan was to remain BBBEE compliant in order to offer our clients ease of business in South African procurement practises and to upskill and develop black South African youths. 

Every year we implemented extensive skills development programms where we worked with interns to upskill and support them on a career journey that would lead to gainful employment. We also partnered with several small businesses in enterprise development initiatives. We enjoyed great success and built lasting relationships with the interns and business we worked with over the years. 

When the pandemic hit, we had no choice but to put a hold on all operations that were not central to the core business of HOTT3D and unfortunately the Skills and Enterprise Development programs fell victim to this unavoidable decision.  

But we never gave up on our plans for BBBEE compliance and Alacrity Africa was born.

Who is Alacrity Africa Projects?

Alacrity Africa Projects is HOTT3D’s sister company. Directors and employees of Alacrity Africa Projects are previous employees of HOTT3D.

Alacrity Africa Projects was born during the pandemic when 3 ladies from the HOTT3D team realised that it was no longer business as usual. Lauren Marcus, Boithabiso Motjotji and Meagan Richards teamed up with a view to create an agency that would champion small business development, and participate in other social entrepreneurial opportunities. 

Alacrity Africa Projects is a Level 2 BBBEE compliant, fully registered with SARS, tax compliant, and listed on the national,  provincial and municipal supplier databases. 

They do trendy vibrant and diverse marketing providing start up support, digital and social media, exhibition stand design, and event management services. 

The company has 3 directors who were employed at HOTT3D before the pandemic. Boithabiso was originally one of HOTT3D interns from a learnership program, then she was employed by HOTT3D as a sales rep. Lauren Marcus was a graphic designer at HOTT3D for 5 years. Meagan Richards worked at HOTT3D as the office manager for 8 years. During the pandemic they all became directors at Alacrity Africa Projects. 

Enterprise Development

Liam Beattie, the managing director of HOTT3D took on a mentorship role and provided enterprise development support to Alacrity Africa Projects. Enterprise development support is one of the pillars of the BBBEE compliance program. It is based on the premise that a business earns points for funding and providing meaningful business development support to small black owned business in South Africa. The enterprise development support that Alacrity Africa receives from HOTT3D helped launch the fledgling business to a point where they were able to; navigate the uncharted waters of bidding on and winning tenders and the ever changing business landscape in South Africa during 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Going forward into 2023 and beyond HOTT3D is pleased to announce continued BBBEE enterprise development support to Alacrity Africa Projects in the following ways:

  • Business premisis – Alacrity Africa Projects operates from the premisis of HOTT3D and enjoys the benefit of shiedling from laodshedding through HOTT3Ds electricity generation capacity. 
  • Business network development through contact introductions
  • Business managment mentorship, through the close working relationship with HOTT3D, Alacrity Africa Projects gains valuable insight from the experienced business leadership skills of Liam Beattie.
  • Financial support through client referral. Alacrity Africa Projects has the advantage of client referrals from HOTT3D in the case where a client requests a BBBEE level 2 supplier due to its own internal procurement policy. Alacrity Africa Projects in turn subcontracts the HOTT3D staff to produce the job and the client benefits from a compliant procurement procedure and experienced professional delivery of the project.  

HOTT3D and Alacrity Africa share the following values: 

Economic development and support to small businesses in South Africa.

Both HOTT3D and Alacrity Africa Projects see the small business and entrepreneurial landscape in South Africa as a vital part of the solution to South Africa’s economic development and actively provide excellent services at discounted rates to local startups and small businesses. 

Building an inclusive and non-racial society in South Africa.

The rainbow nation project has come under threat and persecution by politics in this country. At HOTT3D we see the good in everyday South Africans and want to be part of building a robust and inclusive society for future generations. Concepts like BBBEE still remain important to dismantle institutionalized racism, however we hope to see a future sooner than later where race does not form the basis of decision making at all and programmes like BBBEE are not needed because equality is the norm and standard of the day.

Contribute to the ease of business for our clients in the South African procurement context

Procurement practises and BBBEE policy is here to stay. HOTT3D and Alacrity Africa Projects want to keep it simple and continue to do the good work that out clients have come to expect from us. Teaming up means that we are able to continue to provide quality services for a wider audience..

Female empowerment and development. 

This deal gives women a voice and power specifically in the exhibition industry in South Africa and provides opportunities for women to participate at a board and management level in an industry that is traditionally male-dominated. 

Skills Development knowledge and skills transfer to black youths in South Africa. 

We plan to bring black youths, specifically the females unboard to train and upskill them to lead in the future of business, marketing, exhibition and event management services in South Africa.

Our Vision for the Future

We are looking forward to continued growth in South Africa and across Africa. We enjoy working across the continent with our fellow Africans. We work together with the exhibition and event industry to put South Africa and Africa on the map as a world class business events destination that provides internationally acclaimed service delivery and produces excellent results. 

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