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Exhibition Stand Design Briefing Template



// Creating a Brief – Use the stand design briefing template

This design brief template document serves as a starting point for HOTT 3 DIMENSIONAL MARKETING to create an exhibition stand that achieves the goals and requirements of your company.

It is important that we know more about your company in order to get an understanding for how we
should design your exhibition stand.

Not all elements below will be applicable. Please answer as much as possible that is relevant to your

Exhibition Stand Design Briefing Template

// About the Company
  • A couple of paragraphs about your company
  • Describe the company in 5 or ten words (i.e. young, vibrant, tech etc.)
  • Your core services/ products are? (With relevance to the exhibition)
  • Which countries do you operate in?
  • How long have you been established?
  • Any other company information that might be important.

Exhibition Stand Design Briefing Template

// About the Stand

In order to understand what you need from the exhibition stand, consider the following:

  • Outline the aims of the exhibition stand: Product awareness, generate more sales, brand awareness, to promote a new product/service…
  • Is the stand part of a re-brand, a new product launch or part of an ongoing strategy?
  • What are the unique selling points of your company/product/service?
  • Who is the target audience and what are their demographics? (Age, Social Class, Income Level,etc.)
  • What industry are you targeting the stand at?
  • List a few competitors
  • Decide upon a budget which should include everything that would be required in the stand
  • Do you wish to purchase the stand outright or hire it for each show?
  • Generally an exhibition stand purchased outright will incur a storage charge unless used frequently. It will also be subject to charges for refurbishment and amendments.
  • How will you operate the exhibition stand? By demos, visuals with literature, a/v, etc.
  • How many of your staff will be working on the exhibition stand at any one time?
  • Will you provide refreshments?
  • Will you have ‘giveaways’?
  • Name an incident where a previous exhibition stand design failed? Why did it fail?
Exhibition Stand Design Briefing Template
// Look & Feel

The exhibition stand should be an extension of any media, advertising or branding that you have.

  • Please provide some form of marketing material/literature or the annual report to help us get a feel for the company
  • Design is subjective and in order for us to get an idea of what you like please include:
  • 3 or 4 examples of exhibition stands that you like (not limited to your industry)
  • Examples of what you like about them: i.e. colour schemes, graphics, audio visual elements or structural elements
  • Do you have access to corporate images or a company image library and are these available for the final stand?
  • Do you have the graphics and copy text ready to go for the exhibition?
  • Do you have the resources or skills to create and supply the text?
  • If not, we have a full graphic design studio that can provide those services for you
Exhibition Stand Design Briefing Template
// Functional Requirements
  • What site have you selected for your exhibition stand?
  • Is it an island, open on three/two/one sides?
  • Have you checked the proposed flow of the visitors traffic
  • Please include a site plan if possible
  • What is the best orientation for the stand? It may at times be best to face a large visitor attraction, rather than an entrance.
  • Do you wish your stand to be open and inviting or does it have to promote a more targeted approach with private meeting rooms?
  • Do you require a kitchen area?
  • What services do you require?
  • Power, water & waste, telephone, internet, etc.
  • Will you have a raised floor? (Such floors may require a ramp for disabled access)
  • Do you wish to reuse the stand or elements of it?
  • How much storage space do you require?
  • Do you require display cabinets for products?
  • Please list physical product to be displayed with photo examples/ manuals/ specs.
  • Do you require any audio visual equipment?
  • How many literature racks, carrier bag hooks, etc.?
  • Does your product require specialist lifting of handling?
  • What is the maximum height allowed and do you wish to utilize this?
  • Is it possible to suspend marketing material/stand elements from the ceiling?
  • Do you understand the Health & Safety requirements – if not, we can help

Exhibition Stand Design Briefing Template

// Checklist & Tips
  • Are you certain the exhibition is the correct one? If so book early to get the best site
  • Book hotels early to obtain the best rates and locations etc.
  • Appoint an Exhibition Stand Builder and/or Project Management Company early to allow time for
    completion of visuals etc.
  • Pass the exhibitors manual to the appointed company to ensure that deadlines for ordering
    services etc. for the exhibition stand are not missed as this will result in extra cost
  • Decide graphic content early for production allowing plenty of time for the graphics to be sent
    with the exhibition stand if it has to be freighted
  • Appoint somebody within the company to liaise with the design and project Management
    Company. This will hopefully help to stop design by committee which is generally a disaster
  • How will you obtain details of visitors? Bar code readers, business cards, etc.
  • How do you propose to judge the success of exhibiting at this event?
Exhibition Stand Design Briefing Template
// Event Promotion Tips

When you’ve decided to spend money on a new exhibition stand, it is very important to start
promoting that stand and not only relying on the exhibition organizers to do it for you. Consider the
following methods:

  • Postal mail shots
  • Emails
  • Brochures
  • PR exercise
  • Sponsorship
  • Complimentary gifts
  • Web site promotion

Promoting the stand is especially important if you are one of many providing the same or similar
products/service at the show. If you do not tell your clients and potential clients you are exhibiting,
there is a good chance that you competitors will be inviting them to their own exhibition stand.

Exhibition Stand Design Briefing Template
// Conclusion

Please advise what you would like to receive back from the design and project management
contractor/agency and by what date.

At HOTT3D we provide a full design proposal, visualizing the stand using your logos, corporate
images etc. the layout, the costs (initial and on-going), the timescales involved and any assumptions
and conditions that we have made.

If any of the above is unclear please do make contact with us. We will be more than happy to assist to
compile the brief or fill in any gaps.

View the PDF Version: Design Brief Template

HOTT3D is South Africa’s premiere exhibition stand builder.

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