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Exhibition Stand Prices in South Africa.


Exhibition stand prices are an important consideration when deciding to add an exhibition stand to your marketing plan. As this topic has been at the fore lately, I thought I could shed some light on what it costs to produce an exhibition stand in South Africa.

These prices are ballpark only and intended as a reference. These costs exclude floorspace and other peripheral costs ie: they are for the stand only complete with structure, lighting, graphics, flooring, and details. They also exclude any out-of-town travel logistics costs.

In this article, we will look at the different types of stands that clients can choose from and the various costs associated with each. 

We will also touch on the element of design fees and discuss the industry’s best practice for this and the reasons for including a design fee. 

1. Exhibition Stand Prices for Custom Design and Build Stands

A timber custom design stand with intensive graphics, roll-painted general finishes, Duco sprayed detail finishes, furniture, and audio-visual aspects will cost anything between R11 000.00 and R20 000.00 (and higher) per meter squared.  Potentially a bespoke stand can cost upward of those figures depending on special requirements.

Exhibition Stand Prices in South Africa.

2. Exhibition Stand Prices for System Stand

Using modular systems and incorporating flooring, lighting, intensive graphics, and furniture. It is possible to add some custom details such as the reception counter to elevate the stand. System stands will cost between R7000.00 – R10500.00 per meter squared.

HOTT3D uses Octanorm modular system, Octanorm is the leading quality brand for exhibition construction systems. This german manufactured aluminum system has many forms of application and can produce a neat professional finish with popping graphic branding to attract delegates to your stand. 

Exhibition Stand Prices in South Africa.

3. Exhibition Stand Prices for Pre-Designed System Stands

These would include organiser package booth upgrades, and kit stands which would include carpeting, lighting, furniture, and graphics. Costs between R5000.00 – R8500 per meter squared. 

Our pricing for our Budget Exhibits division is available on the Budget Exhibits website.

Exhibition Stand Prices in South Africa.

4. Shellscheme Fabric Modular

Shell scheme fabric modification can cost between R3500.00 – R5000.00 per square meter depending on size requirements. When you choose this option you can rest assured that the outcome of your stand will be elevated above the look and feel of the other typical booths on the exhibition floor.

Exhibition Stand Prices in South Africa.

5. *Design Fees

Typically, our professionally qualified design team will spend hours researching the brand, products, and services of a client before the design process begins. Hours of work go into preparing the models and photographic quality renders of the proposed stand for a client. Revision of the design based on client feedback is also a process that takes time and work. Industry best practice in this regard is that if a client chooses not go ahead with the build of the stand then a design fee is charged. Should the client go through the process of design and work with HOTT3D to build the stand, there is no design fee charged.

Returning clients are not charged a design fee.

Included in the Prices

These prices are generally on a hire basis and all elements contained therein are on hire. The costs would include, concept, design*, production, installation, dismantling and removal from site.

Projects outside of Cape Town will have an additional logistics cost that can only be determined based on the nature and location of the project.

HOTT3D is upfront and clear about our costs, all items and services included in the project are listed as line items in the costing that clients receive from us. This builds trust and credibility in our relationship with clients as they can see exactly where their budget is being allocated. 

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